A New Website!

We've updated our website!

Ok, it's not very different on the face of it. We essentially moved our old content and styles to Squarespace. But this brings three major improvements:

  1. There are lots of tools at Squarespace that make the page easier for us to manage. So you'll be seeing more frequent updates to content here.
  2. This will let us syndicate our very own podcast! More news on that soon.
  3. We can now significantly expand the size of our store. We were kind of handicapped by our old BigCartel account. Expect many new products making their debut after C2E2 this year.

Now for the downside. Our blog is moving off of tumblr. We're still pushing updates there, so if you follow us just for the art you should still get all that. But if you want to keep up to date with new book announcements, con appearances, and other general administrivia, make sure you're following our new blog at fourstarstudios.com/blog.